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How our Grading Works

Grade A

NEW. The item is considered to be in brand new condition without a single mark or blemish whatsoever.


Grade B

Excellent. The item has all but the most minor hairline scratches which are barely visible. No dents at all and essentially looks almost new.


Grade C

Good. Most items fall into this category. Mild wear and tear, but with no screen marks at all. No significant dents. This machine will/May have some scratches and scuffs and possibly some light dents.


Grade D

Fair. Shows moderate to excessive signs of wear. This is a heavily used item. Heavy scratches and dents are OK. Screen marks are acceptable as long as they don’t impede the use of the unit. Batteries can be towards end life, but working.


Grade E

Broken deep scratches, dents, cracks and broken screens. Item must be complete and case assembly together. We won’t accept water damage or burnt items. Battery can be faulty and power supplies missing.


Factors That May Reduce Your Quote

We don't like reducing quotes so please check these points

All Items should be supplied with a working and undamaged US power supply. If the power supply is missing or damaged, $20-$55 will be deducted from the quote value depending on the model.

Any battery with a count of 500 or more cycles will be subject to a deduction of a battery replacement (approximately $30-$55 , depending on model).

All laptops and iMacs must be supplied with a US keyboard. If the unit has a foreign keyboard, we will deduct the value of a replacement keyboard from your quote value. We require all desktop machines to also be supplied with the specific Apple keyboard and mouse.

All iPhones/iPads must not be regionally locked. If your iPhone is locked to a specific network your item will be subject to a re-quote.

Your item must be free of cigarette smoke stains and or water damage.

Any Personalised engraved items will be re-graded as D grade

We run all items through Checkmend a database of stolen items to ensure all products are legal

If we determine that your item does not match the grade you selected during the quote process, you will be contacted by one of our team members who will offer you an adjusted price based on our market value.
If you are not satisfied by the adjusted quote, we will return your unit to you free of charge via next day courier.

For the full list of Terms and Conditions, follow the link to visit our page


To aid with disk wiping and to protect your data, please remove your Item from the cloud

We take your data security very seriously and we will help you keep your personal data safe.
Before shipping your Apple Mac to us there are a few important steps you must follow for your own security.

The link below will explain the process you should follow to prepare your Apple Mac for sale:

The security of your data is your responsibility. Therefore, it is important that you create a backup of any information you wish to keep as we will securely and completely erase any information left on the device. This means your data cannot be recovered by anyone after the process is complete. This includes yourself and the next owner of your machine. We use government accredited tools to guarantee all data erased on the machine is cannot be recovered.

Please remember you must

Sign out of your iTunes profile
Sign out of your iTunes profile
Sign out of your iTunes profile
Sign out of iMessage OS X Mountain Lion or later

For the full list of Terms and Conditions, follow the link to visit our page

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