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How to sell a MacBook Air

Selling your MacBook Air using our service is as easy as 1-2-3: 

  • To see the price for your MacBook Air you need to complete a Quote
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Top selling MacBook Airs

We trade-in different MacBook Airs on a daily basis. Below is a list of the most popular ones (with their trade-in prices).

MacBook Air Unibody 13″ (2009-2015)
1.8Ghz Intel Quad Core i7/16GB/SSD 512GB/GRADE A
Trade-in price: $ 450.00

MacBook Air Original 13″ (2008-2009)
Intel Core 2 Duo/4GB/SSD 128GB PCl-e/GRADE A
Trade-in price: $ 136.00

MacBook Air 11″ (2010-2015)
2.0GHz Intel Quad Core i5/8GB/SSD 256GB PCl-e/GRADE A
Trade-in price: $ 216.00

You can sell your MacBook Air for up to $410. Quote now


A History of MacBook Air

MacBook Air is a line of laptops from Apple that was the thinnest one released at the time of its release in 2008. It was a higher-end system from Apple that included a full-size keyboard as well as a full size 13.3-inch screen when it was first released. It is a step down from the MacBook Pro as far as performance goes, yet it is a step above the MacBook.

  • 3-inch backlit TFT
  • Maximimum RAM: 2 GB
  • Hard drive: 80 GB

Apple introduced a redesign in 2010, that had an improved enclosure, screen resolution, flash storage, and battery. In addition to the original 13.3-inch model, there was an 11.6-inch model introduced. This model costed less, weighed less, and had a lesser performance capability than the 13.3-inch Air.

  • 6 inch or 13.3-inch LED backlit TFT
  • Maximimum RAM: 2 GB
  • Hard drive: 64 or 128 GB SSD

In July, 2011, Apple released updates to both the 11.6-inch model and the 13.3-inch model. Because MacBook was discontinued, the Air became Apple’s entry-level laptop.

  • 6 inch or 13.3-inch LED backlit TFT
  • Maximimum RAM: 2 GB
  • Hard drive: 64 or 128 GB SSD

In June of 2012, Apple released an update on the Air that was powered by the Ivy Bridge dual-core Intel Core i5 and i7 processor. The RAM on these models were doubled, and the models featured USB 3 ports instead of USB 2 ports.

  • 6 inch or 13.3-inch LED backlit TFT
  • Maximimum RAM: 4 GB
  • Hard drive: 64 or 128 GB SSD

In June 2013, another update was released in the 11 and 13-inch MacBook Air laptops. They have a standard 4 GB Ram with a maximum capacity of 8 GB. Both models have a standard 128 GB SSD which is upgradeable to 256 GB and 512 GB of SSD. The battery life of these MacBook Air iterations is significantly improved over earlier versions.

  • 6 inch or 13.3-inch LED backlit TFT
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Hard drive: 128 or 256 GB

In early 2015, MacBook Air saw its latest updates. The latest offering in the MacBook Air line features a Thunderbolt 2 port, which was not available in previous models.

  • 6 inch or 13.3-inch LED backlit TFT
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Hard drive: 128 or 256 GB

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