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Main Features of the iPhone 6/6S Plus

When iPhone comes out with a new phone, Apple fans take notice. That’s exactly the way it was when Apple came out with the iPhone 6 and 6S. If you are deciding whether you would like to upgrade your previous iPhone to an iPhone 6 or 6S, you probably want a breakdown of some of the features. Well, you’re in luck. Here are a few of the features you can expect to find on Apple’s iPhone 6 or 6S.

The Chassis

One the outside, both the iPhone 6 and the 6S look the same. One of the main features of these phones is the size. The iPhone 6S is slightly larger than the iPhone 6 weighing in at 5.04 ounces versus 4.55 ounces. Although the 6S weighs just a bit more, both the 6 and 6S have the same quality build. The chassis of the 6S is 7000 series aluminum, which is a plus because it makes the phone stronger and hardier than the iPhone 6- almost 3 times stronger.

Display Technology

It’s under the surface where differences between the iPhone 6 and 6S can really be determined. The screens of both the 6 and 6S are 4.7-inch LED-backlit IPS LCD. The iPhone 6S is different from the iPhone 6 because it has 3D touch which is a module inserted under the display of the 6S that gives it the ability to determine the level of pressure being used to launch different commands. However, since not all apps support this 3D Touch technology, its ability to be used may be inconsistent.

How They Perform

One great feature of both the iPhone 6 and the 6S is the way they perform. The iPhone 6 boasts 1GB of RAM while the 6S has 2GB. This increase for the iPhone 6S means that it has a 70% boost in performance in CPU. The GPU is better than that at an astonishing 90% boost. This makes the iPhone 6S an even better experience for users.
The iPhone 6S also features the Touch ID fingerprint reader. This reader works twice as fast as the Touch ID 1.0 that’s on iPhone 6. Both fingerprint readers are fast, but many who compare the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 6S have found that the 6S is noticeably faster.

Battery and Storage

The batteries of the iPhone 6 and 6S are surprising. How so? Well, the 6S actually has a smaller battery than the iPhone 6 at 1715 mAh capacity versus the 1810 mAh capacity of the iPhone 6. It takes about 2 hours to get a full charge.
When it comes to storage, the iPhone 6 and 6S offer two options. The base phone is the 16GB, and there is a 64GB phone for a higher fee with the iPhone 6 and 6S. The 6S also offers 128 GB.


The camera of the iPhone 6 is an impressive 8 megapixels rear facing and 1.2 megapixels on the front. It also takes 720p video and has a dual-LED flash. The iPhone 6S, in comparison, has 12 megapixels on the rear and 5 megapixels on the front camera. It also takes 720p video. Both cameras feature some nice picture taking ability, but for the big fans of photography or selfie die-hards, the iPhone 6S might be worth the extra cost. The faster aperture allows fans to capture pictures in such a way that might make it easy to choose between the 6 and the 6S if you are looking for better picture-taking options.

The Takeaway

When you are choosing between the iPhone 6 or the 6S, consider the difference in price and features. If you are a fan of taking a lot of photos, you might want to consider the iPhone 6S. If you are an average picture taker, you might be content with the iPhone 6 to save some money. Either way you are bound to be excited with all the upgraded features in the iPhone 6 or 6S compared to the iPhone 5.